Foto: Hazardous

Foto: Willtron

Foto: Wiskott

Foto: Wiskott

Tarragona lighthouse -
Lighthouse of the Banya

The Baix Camp from
the mountains of Prades

Roman column, Tarragona

The Platja Llarga, Tarragona


The truth is that Mas Castells is located in a truly idyllic location. We are in the middle of everywhere, and within a short distance you can enjoy completely opposite worlds.

Beach or mountains? And why not both? In a jiffy you are on the beach, in Salou, Cambrils, La Pineda or Tarragona, where you can bathe in the calm, clear waters of La Costa Daurada.

And if you feel like an adventurer, in another jiffy you are in the mountains of Prades, where you can enjoy nature and the wonderful landscapes that can be seen from there.

Not only this, but also, in the province of Tarragona it is possible to visit places that you can not find anywhere else: the Roman Tarragona, the Modernist Reus…

Therefore, it is very difficult to recommend activities (although we did) because there will always be somewhere we have not recommended which is worth paying a visit too.

We offer a few alternatives, but if you want more activities, do not hesitate to ask us. We will offer you more options, which will surely make your stay more pleasant and enjoyable.

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