The town of Cambrils, anchored in a privileged place in the Mediterranean, is the second town of the Baix Camp, in the middle of Costa Dorada, Surrounded by mountain ranges of Mussara Argentera Llaberia and, with gentle slopes lead to Tues That Its area is 34'76 km2 with a uniformly flat terrain and slopes Gently Towards the sea from 2% grade.

As villa eminently seaworthy, simple, hardworking, open and friendly, Cambrils has managed to combine harmoniously the Influence That Have Brought us all Those Who Wish to come from Within and Outside the country with the Roots of Our Culture, born of a mild climate That encourager tolerance. This September of Which facts make it an ideal place to live, work, visit and enjoy.

Enjoy a Mediterranean climate with summer Humid Drought and infrequent rainfall the rest of the year. The warm temperatures are during the summer and mild during the winter, with little daily thermal oscillation. Armed with medium temperatures of 25ºC during the summer and 12ºC during the winter, the climate is one of the best Attractions And Also one of the MOST appreciated.

Extends Cambrils beaches with fine golden sand along 9 km, where you can enjoy the fantastic Mediterranean climate. Now Exceeds 30,000 population.

Foto: Mayte

Foto: 1997

One of the magnificent beaches of Cambrils

View of the Cambrils' port

Foto: Isabelcaste

Foto: Isabelcaste

The Pí Rodó

The Cambrils headlights

The Port tower

Aerial view of Cape Sant Jordi

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