Our neighbourhood

Mas Castells is located on the outskirts of Riudoms, in the province of Tarragona, 7 km from Cambrils and 9 km from Salou, which is very close to the leisure centre Port Aventura.

In fact, the facilities of this theme park, the largest in Catalonia and one of the most impressive in Europe, can be seen from the same farm.

To the east, it is 4 kilometers from Reus, the capital of Baix Camp, where there is an international airport.

And following the same direction, we can find Tarragona, capital of the province, 20 kilometres away.

To the west we can find the nearby town of Vinyols i els Arcs and the Parc Samà, a magnificent botanical garden with trees and plants from around the world.

Also very close, there is the thermal waters centre of Montbrió del Camp.

About 20 km away from Mas Castells there lies the Priorat region, with its capital Falset, a town known for the quality of its wines.

Foto: Mateu Salvat



The camp of Tarragona

In this superb aerial photograph you can see the distance from Mas Castells to the beach

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