The chapel is spectacularly hung over a piece of red rock

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Wind and water have transformed the walls of the caves

The Hermitage of Mare de Déu de la Roca

The Chapel of Our Lady of the Rock is a shrine located in Mont-Roig del Camp (Baix Camp). Located at 294 meters above sea level, above a heavily eroded rock.

The chapel is referred to as the 1230. According to tradition the original image, destroyed in 1936, had been found by a shepherd under a palm tree. The church and hotel were rebuilt after the French destruction of 1811. It seems that from 1439 to 1835 the friars had Escornalbou cures and unproven tradition mentions a Benedictine convent.

Above the chapel of the Rock is the Chapel of San Ramon, guiaje whitewashed to serve the sailors, the saint's image had been found at sea and the first chapel was built in 1826 is growing. It was restored in 1902 by a group of women in Mont-Roig and Reus Herrero and Prudenci Miquel Anguera. From the chapel overlooking a vast and beautiful panorama.

Legend of the Moorish king slip

This place is associated with a legend that has remained over time: once was a Moorish king with his horse, went to the chapel of the Rock. Rose above the chapel of San Ramon and stole the silver lamp he had. Dropped, entered the church, and there stole the jewels of the Mare. While stealing, clouds began to appear, it was getting dark and you could hear thunder and lightning. The king came to the square, took the horse and left, taking everything that was stolen. But the horse when he heard the thunder and lightning that kept, bolted, and when I was in the "fall of the Moorish king, slipped, and horse and King fell down a deep ravine near there and died there.

This decline can still see the horse slips. Some say you can still see the outline and the Moorish king of the horse, across the ravine, if not over-wrap the herbs.

From here you can see the fields stretching to the sea

Foto: Maifotos

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