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The Monastery of Santes Creus

The Ebre delta

The Parc Samà

The Escornalbou Castle

Interesting places

Mas Castells is close to a really paradise-like environment. It is in the middle of everywhere. Within a few kilometres, you can enjoy opposite worlds.

Beach or mountain? Why not both?

By car, you can go to the beach, in Salou, Cambrils, La Pineda or Tarragona, where you can have a swim in the quiet and clear water of La Costa Daurada.

And if you feel like searching adventure, in 35 minutes by car you can reach the mountains of Prades, where you will enjoy nature and its wonderful landscapes.

But that is not all. You can visit places that cannot be found anywhere else: Roman Tarragona, Modernist Reus, the monasteries in Santes Creus or Poblet, el Castell d’Escornalbou…

Or you can also go on a trip to el Priorat, where you will find out why the wine which is grown on those lands is so admired and tasty all around the world.

Or you can also go south to El Delta de l’Ebre, the biggest humid area in Catalonia, one of the most important natural areas with water environments in the west Mediterranean zone.

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