Reus is the capital of the region of the Baix Camp. Municipality in the province of Tarragona and the Camp of Tarragona.

The name of the city is discussed. For some it is a derivation from the Latin word which designated the prisoners as they would be in its origin a Roman prison. Currently the most accepted theory is that his name has Celtic origins, with the root network that originated the name redistribution (or reddis), which equates to a place "on the roads", ie a point occupied a crossroads , Which is still today. Although it is believed that could come from the Latin "reos" meaning prisoners. Naming the city as a place where they would stop the criminals of Tarraco.

Since 1950 has experienced strong growth from 35,000 inhabitants to over 100,000 today. The adjective of its citizens is Reus, although they are popularly known as ganxets.

The town is notable for its merchant tradition and its shopping category and has become the highest regards province's commercial. The days leading up to Sant Jaume (25 July) fair is held once engaged in cattle but today with the presence of many sectors. The Fair Show held at the Exhibition and Congress Hall, built specifically for the event practically built thirty years ago in the grounds of the old train station. The market is held Monday and Saturday at the Mercat Central, recently refurbished. The recruitment market nuts to be held in the Plaza del General Prim, was closed in 2004.

Foto: Ziol

The General Prim Square

L’Ajuntament, a la Plaça del Mercadal

Foto: Tomàs

Foto: ajpcel

Foto: Sergi Esteve

The Navàs house

Tronada in Mercadal Square

The Misericòrdia Sanctuary

The Institut Pere Mata

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