Riudoms has an attractive historical and artistic interest. All streets and squares of this ancient walled town were paved ground and were later to prevent erosion by water. Within the area comprising the streets of the Wall, Sant Pau, Sant Vicenç and Avenida de Pau Casals, we find the buildings and homes more noticeable. Some of them, both the most noble as they are modest, preserved in the archway of the date of its construction dates back to the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, with styles that range from Romanesque to Gothic. This is the case, for example, number 17 of the main street, which dates from 1591 and was, at one time, a convent of Carmelite nuns.

In the suburb of San Francisco, one of the oldest streets of the town of Riudoms, and more specifically to number 14, is the house that was owned by the family and the great Gaudí Modernist architect given to the parish of the village. In fact, if anything is known internationally Riudoms is because Antoni Gaudí Cornet (1852-1926) was born in the Mas de la Calderera.

Is a must: the parish church of Sant Jaume, Baroque and Renaissance style, the Hermitage of Sant Antoni, Baroque, and the Museu Històric Riudoms, which you can find in the square Celia Pino Mare.

Riudoms is known for its olive oil (DOP Siurana) and the Fira de l'Avellana, a fair dedicated to the nuts produced in Riudoms.

The Beat Bonaventura

Great Miquel Peris Baptista, known as Beat Bonaventura Gran, born in Riudoms on 24 November 1620. He entered the Franciscan convent of Sant Miquel de Escornalbou religious and processed as the July 14, 1641. In 1658 he was sent to Rome where he founded the Holy Retreat are four monasteries in the province of Rome, including that of Sant Bonaventura on the Palatine Hill. He was counselor to four popes: Alexander VII, Clement IX Clement X and Innocent XI.

He died in Rome on September 11, 1684. In 1775 he was declared venerable in 1906 and was beatified by Pope Saint Pius X, after having tried two miraculous healings. Their remains are preserved in Riudoms since 1972.

Antoni Gaudí

Antoni Gaudí Cornet (Riudoms, June 25, 1852 - Barcelona, June 10, 1926) was a Catalan architect internationally recognized as one of the most important geniuses of architecture.

His contribution to architecture is unique and is considered one of the leading exponents of modernism. From childhood Gaudí was an attentive observer of nature, from which he drew the shapes, colors and geometry. Despite having made great buildings, which are becoming more case studies, the one that has given it fame worldwide is undoubtedly the Temple of the Sagrada Familia, still under construction work and as they up, his popularity and admiration continues to grow.

Foto: Mateu Salvat

Foto: Cannan

Foto: Jordi_G

Foto: Jordi Gili

Foto: formaire

Foto: consueta

The Mas de la Calderera, birthplace of Antoni Gaudí

The arcades of the square of Esglèsia

Riudoms from the road

Photograf of Antoni Gaudí (1878)

The Hermitage of Sant Antoni

L’Esglèsia de Sant Jaume

Foto: Mateu Salvat

Squeare of Arbre

Foto: Jordi Gili

The mortal remains of Beat Bonaventura

Foto: Jordi Gili

Plaque commemorating the birth of Gaudi in the Mas de la Calderera

Foto: Jordi Gili

The gegant of Gaudí

Foto: Fir0002

Hazelnuts from RIudoms and poster of Fira de l’Avellana

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