Salou is a town in the county of Tarragonés, created following a Supreme Court ruling, 1989, which granted administrative independence of Vila-seca. According to the currently accepted hypothesis, Salaurio (city healthier) was founded in the sixth century BC by Greeks from the region of Phocis.

The city was an important trading port during the Middle Ages and the Modern Age. Throughout the twentieth century, became a major tourist center. It is 10 km from Tarragona and Reus, 9, and currently has more than 25,000 inhabitants and is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Mediterranean coast. From the hand of PortAventura, has positioned itself as one of the best leisure and entertainment centers in Europe and is considered the capital of Costa Dorada. Its beaches, distinguished with the Blue Flag, are ideal for families and children. The mild climate, tranquility and relaxation in addition to the rich variety of excursions and visits around that can be performed throughout the year.

Salou is a modern, contemporary and family that offers many possibilities to the visitor: the fact of walking through the promenade Jaume I, on the beach, or enjoy the good weather in some corner of the city, can become a magical experience. In addition, Salou has a miniature trains travel service to know the whole town in a comfortable and fun.

His other great attraction: be able to enjoy the typical dishes and national and international cuisine.

Foto: Pigot

Salou fishermen fishing by the old method “Llençar l'art”

The Torre Vella, defensive element, 1530

Foto: Machin

Foto: Xmulero001

Foto: Wikisid

Foto: Martin

The Platja Llarga

Salou Seafront

The Platja de Llevant

Jaume I Monument

Foto: Crossbyname

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