The feast of Sant Jordi

Sant Jordi (Diospolis —today Lod, Israel—, v. 270, Nicomedia —today Kocaeli, Turkey— 303), was a Roman soldier who converted to Christianity and died a martyr in refusing to renounce their faith. He is revered in most Christian denominations and Islam, going on one of the most popular saints, especially during the Middle Ages. However, its history is discussed and, probably, is a legendary character.

The history by which the saint is known around the world is through death that caused the dragon who wanted to eat a beautiful maiden. This story was written by Jacopo da Varazze in the twelfth century in his book "The Golden Legend."

And the legend says: "The Dragon was the most powerful of the dragons, they could move around the earth, sky and water. The princess was the princess of all, it was the daughter of the King. The terror imposed by the Dragon was terrible, to the point of having to draw people to satisfy the hunger of the beast. And the King was the King, also included her daughter in the draw and he did the name Princess. The King accepted the fate and the princess dressed in white was doomed to slaughter. But there was a young knight, armed from head to toe, ready to release and riding a white horse. It was beautiful as his own, was a stranger and was called Jordi. And charged with such fury that threatened the Dragon Princess, which left him dazed, confused and powerless. Then with a blow of the sword, topped the Dragon that was dying was melting at the earth. And in the place where it happened, was born a rose of blood-red roses, the most beautiful of which chose Sant Jordi, who offered the Princess as proof of their intense love. "

The Feast of Sant Jordi commemorates the death of this saint, on 23 April 303, and traditionally in Catalunya is the day of love, and it is customary for couples to give a rose “red as blood” and a book . The presence of the book is due to the party coincides with World Book Day, which since 1930 commemorates the death of Cervantes and Shakespeare. The party has a protest aspect of Catalan culture and many balconies are adorned with the senyera (Catalan flag).

Sant Jordi and the dragon”, oil painting by Raphael in 1504

The books, at parades from Les Rambles of Barcelona

In Catalunya on April 23 around the world gives a rose or a book to your lover

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