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The Sardana, traditional Catalan dance

The bonfire of the verbena of Sant Joan

Rejoicing & Traditions

To know the culture of a people is indispensable immersion into popular tradition:

  1. The Sardana is the national dance of Catalunya. Is a group dance that is danced in a circle where the dancers hold hands, if possible male-female-male-female ... looking at all the center. Is accompanied by the sound of the wind instruments of the couplet. The dance of clubs and jack of Terres de l'Ebre are also Catalan folk dances, as well as sung in Havana, typical of the coast.

  2. A very important event and well known internationally is the lifting of Castells (human towers), original tradition of the Camp de Tarragona, and that has spread to other regions of Catalunya. Participants compete to build the highest and best structure, crowned by the enxaneta, a child who raises his arm.

  3. On 23 April, celebrates Sant Jordi, patron of Catalunya. This verbena is celebrated with the tradition of giving roses and books to friends and family.

  4. On June 23, the eve of Sant Joan Day, we celebrate the festival of Sant Joan. The popular ancient tradition includes burning bonfires to ward off demons, disease and other misfortunes, you eat and drink coca cava.

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Sant Jordi, in a Venetian engraving

Dragon in a correfoc