Unfinished facade of the Cathedral of Tarragona


Just 20 kms from Mas Castells is the city of Tarragona, a center of excellence Roman de Catalunya. The inclusion of monuments within the World Heritage list of UNESCO demonstrates and recognizes the historical and monumental baggage of their ancestors.

Tàrraco (Latin Tarraco) was the Roman city of Hispania Capital Citerior and after the province of Tarragona, Tarragona today. Its origins lie in a small Roman garrison Brothers Publi Corneli Escipió Gneu and left during the Second Punic War, 218 BC. This first settlement (next to the Iberian oppidum, probably CESO) will soon pass a major military base that resulted in the city of Tarraco. Ancient Roman Tarraco is a multicultural city, opened in the Mediterranean and the Roman world, and a beautiful spot where a walk and discover the beauty of its history through the walls that circumscribe the old part of town. The construction of the first archaeologically stone wall dating to the early second century BC.

The influence of Roman culture not only reduced to its historic monuments, but also a culture that eventually prevailed in the Iberian Peninsula.

An ideal spot to enjoy the past and the smell of the Mediterranean Sea.

Ferreres Aqueduct or Pont del Diable, first century AD

The Roman amphitheater

Foto: Lala Lugo

The Balcó del Mediterrani

The beach, one of the charms of Tarragona

Map of ancient Tàrraco

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