The Parc Samà

Samà Park is located in the Baix Camp, in the midst of fields of hazelnuts, almonds, peaches, olives and vines, including municipal territories and Montbrió Cambrils Camp, 90 meters above sea level, 5 km. the coast and between the streams of Alforja and Riudecanyes.

The producer and promoter was Salvador Samà Torrens, Marquis de Mariano (1861-1933).

The park preserves the romantic atmosphere of the late colonial era, as the Marquis was the successor of a family established in Cuba, and wanted to transfer to Camp Baix the exotic atmosphere of the Lost Colony, for which commissioned the garden project the renowned master builder Josep Fontserè Mestres was the author of the Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona and his assistant, the architect Antoni Gaudi y Cornet, construction of the Great Falls of the same.

Park Planting began in 1881. Later, the Marquis had built several dwellings and cages to house the various animals in his private zoo, located around the campus botanical and style of the remaining architectural, or made from limestone (pebbles), and disguising the element of union with iron sulphate style ochocentistas cascades.

The Zoo disappeared during our last civil war, leaving only the buildings of the same. The route follows a composition such sorted by roads, tree-lined sides, open spaces or significant architectural elements.

The House and the Lake-Pond can be said to constitute the major centers of the entire park. The next largest Angu-ho Tower and Cascade. Ancillary elements of the old booths Zoo.

The walled area is the Park is 14 hectares.

Foto: Linze

Foto: Patataasada

Another view of the lake-pond

Foto: Patataasada

The bridge over lake

Foto: Micha74

The tower, emblem of the park

Foto: Isabelcaste

Another stay in the park

Foto: Isabelcaste

Facade of the mansion

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Lake-pond, one of the most bucolic places in the park

Foto: patatasada

The mansion is spectacular