The Priorat

Priorat is a region in the middle of the Pre-coastal mountain range straddling the Camp of Tarragona and Terres de l'Ebre, which borders the Baix Camp, Ribera de l'Ebre, Garrigues and Conca de Barberà. Is a region with a very rugged relief and no plain. It is bordered by mountain high enough, most notably the Prades mountains to the east and the Serres de l'Argentera, de'n Jover and Llaberia in south. To the north the Priorat is closed by the Serra de Llena.

The region of Priorat is known for its excellent collection of wine names, is a paradigmatic example of natural diversity and scenery that emerge within a relatively small physical space. This region consists of the lands of the Conca del Siurana and is structured as an amphitheater that opens into the Ebre, where there are serres de la Figuera, Montsant and Gritilla in the north, the mountains of Llaberia and Mola, Marine Band, Tormo and Figuera to west. The best practice is the Serra del Montsant Natural Park since 2002. Presents valleys and gorges that give a natural value indisputable. And true to its name, is home to numerous shrines, past memories that arise within this space preserved and respected for its wealth of flora and fauna.

Another protected area is formed by the mountains of Llaberia-La Mola, who like his neighbor, and hiking excursions can while you can breathe the magic of this privileged corner of Mother Nature. Spaces that reveal the same way, people with a special charm (Porrera, Siurana, Bellmunt del Priorat…).

Is a must: Falset, the capital of the Priorat, located in a valley plagued by mountains, among which are the Roca Vermella, the Morral and the Serra de Llaberia.

Cultivated land of vineyards
in the Priorat

Chartreuse of Escaladei

Foto: Joan


Foto: Winetripping

The Priorat and his wines

Panoramic of Siurana, added of the municipality of Cornudella de Montsant

Foto: Elemaki

Foto: Nevenka

Bridge over the river Montsant and the river Escaledei in Vilella Baixa

The Swamp of Siurana from
the chapel of Santa Maria

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