The calçotada

Catalonya is full of traditions and customs: the castles, the sardanas, bread with tomato… but in the dining area should be noted that whenever a vegetable is grown in more areas of land Catalan and Spanish: the calçot.

Are harvested each year around 55 million calçots, 10% of which are labeled appellation of origin of the Protected Geographical Indication "Calçot de Valls". This production has a very important economic implications especially for the four major producing regions: the Tarragona, Baix Camp, Baix Camp and Alt Penedès.

On the origin of calçot there are several versions but the best known is that it attaches to in Xat de Benaiges, a farmer who lived in Valls in the late nineteenth century, the invention of this crop. Xat de Benaiges put a couple of outbreaks of fire and onions to a plate discovered by chance that in the early twentieth century had already happened common in many homes Valls.

Since then consumption has occurred calçotada or calçots a gastronomic feast known everywhere, especially in Catalunya. Calçots normally consumed during the months of January, February and March, cook with wood from branches or stands of vine and eaten accompanied by a typical salsa, salvitxada, which is a type Romesco sauce.

It was not until the middle of last century that became known calçot out of Alt Camp, especially the disclosure made by the gang artistic and humorous l'Olla.

La Festa del Calçot de Valls, held the last Sunday of January, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1996. Held three contests: the contest calçots growers, the sauce contest calçotada and calçots eating contest.

Foto: Oscar

Foto: Losimo

The calçots, ready to put the fire

Foto: Flydime

La Festa del Calçot de Valls

Foto: Noucountry

In a calçotada can not miss the meat…

Foto: Tamorlan

The romesco,the sauce of calçotada

Foto: Losimo

…neither the artichokes!

Making calçots in the fire

In Mas Castells, without leaving your seat, just beside the pool, you can enjoy this gastronomic feast of Catalunya. We have all the ingredients needed to make your calçotada an art for the palate.

If you wish, there is the possibility that a person trained in this meal, take charge of fire, cut the spring onions and leave everything ready to cook the meat. Just ask the owners.

Basic requirements:

• Romesco sauce, the spring onions. Ingredients (300ml.)
    - 250 gr. raw or roasted almonds, peeled
    - 250 gr. peeled hazelnuts
    - 5 ripe red tomatoes
    - 3 nyoro (not hot red pepper flakes)
    - 1 clove garlic + 1 head of garlic
    - 300 cc. oil
    - 1 tablespoon wine vinegar
    - 1 pinch of sugar

• Firewood for calçots, meat and artichokes

• 25 per person calçots

Enjoy your meal!

Foto: Txapulin

Foto: Luis

Ready to eat

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