The Correfocs

The correfoc is an event held mostly in Catalunya, but has also been extended by the Valencian Country, Balearic Islands and North Catalunya. Has its roots in the Ball de Diables and documented in the twelfth century, but it was not until the twentieth that took its current form.

The term correfoc emerged in the late 70's in various parades in major festivals and popular celebrations of Catalunya as an impromptu demonstration of people, dragons and devils that acted running, jumping and dancing together under fire. During the decade of the 80 and 90 was spreading through the geography of the Catalan Countries.

You have to differentiate a correfoc and a parade or procession. In a parade or procession, but the public can also act as in the case of a correfoc, the rate of fire is slower.

The clothes now are cotton, leather or flame retardant fabrics. During the 70's and 80's these were simple potato sacks painted with horns on top, more to the 90's and early twenty-first century have left some hornless Colles (more typical of colles de foc).

Correfocs There are two types of features, the option of using one or the other depends on the colla correfoc rate and type of travel. There is no tradition of using one or another:

  1. Correfoc to carriage: All fireworks are placed inside a chariot, this is put into a bag called big sack, hence the name for whom the door, the service delivers the pyrotechnics as the correfoc progresses. The devils or dragons light trucks with the Botafoc or fuse.

  2. Correfoc with individual big sack: All fireworks are placed in small pouches, with a seating capacity of 30 to 80 carretilles. Each of the diables himself lights the fireworks, while the colles bestiary, is one or two members who lit the figure or figures.

Correfoc in the Festa Major of the Borges Blanques

Foto: Josep Patau

Foto: Genis

The Drac of Vilafranca del Penedès

Foto: Federació de Dimonis i Diables del País Valencià

Correfoc in Terrateig

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